Wataynikaneyap Power Project

Wataynikaneyap Power is a unique energy transmission infrastructure project proposed for northwest Ontario that fuses together the environmental and economic interests of First Nations with the commercial prospects of the natural resources sector in this region of the province.

The project consists of two phases.  Phase 1 will reinforce the grid to Pickle Lake and Phase 2 will extend the grid north to connect remote off-grid communities. Both Phases are inextricably linked together as one holistic initiative. 

  • Phase 1 - The routing assessment for Phase 1 is complete and will be a 300 km transmission line based on a 230 kV design.  The environmental assessment process for this phase has been initiated. 
  • Phase 2 - will build on Phase 1 and connect 10 off-grid First Nation communities, and 3 other First Nations, to the prime Ontario power grid.  Planning and routing of Phase 2 is now underway.

The Wataynikaneyap Project is being developed by an innovative and powerful First Nations – Natural Resources Sector Partnership.

Transmission Lines. Photo by Trevor Littlewood. CC Sharealike with Attribution.

Role of Lumos Energy

Lumos Energy's analysis and documentation of the economic, social and environmental benefits of the Wataykineyap Project helped make the business case for this major transmission infrastructure project which led to its approval.