The Okikendawt Hydro Project is a clean energy initiative of the Dokis First Nation of Ontario developed in partnership with Hydromega Services Inc. The hydro project will drive long-term sustainable and economic development for the Dokis First Nation.

The project is located adjacent to an existing dam that controls an outflow from Lake Nipissing into the French River on traditional Dokis territory. The project consists of two turbines with a total capacity of approximately 10 MW and will sell 100% of its power to the IESO for a forty year term through a Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) power purchase agreement.

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Role of Lumos Energy

Lumos Energy has been Clean Energy Advisor to the Dokis First Nation for seven years providing a full suite of: project analysis, negotiations, partnerships, project development, employment, project financing and Aboriginal Trust management services. The Dokis Nation has conferred upon Lumos Energy President Chris Henderson, Honorary Membership in the Dokis Nation.