Nunatsiavut Energy Security Plan

The Energy Security Plan for Nunatsiavut takes a proactive approach to meeting the energy needs throughout the region.  There is substantive benefit in adopting a sustainable development approach in addressing energy security in Nunatsiavut, that also touches on other community infrastructure dimensions, notably housing and community facilities. 

The scope of the Nunatsiavut Energy Security Plan is to:

  • Project the short and medium term energy demand trends and requirements in Nunatsiavut;
  • Document the impacts of diesel power reliance and supply constraints on social conditions, the environment, economic activity and economic development in Nunatsiavut;
  • Identify options for energy demand reductions, enhanced productivity of diesel systems and energy distribution systems, peak saving, improved demand-side energy efficiency, and renewable energy over the short and medium term; and,
  • Prepare a Nunatsiavut Energy Security Plan through negotiations between government and partner organizations with the ultimate aim of putting the plan into action and securing adequate capital and capacity for implementation.

Role of Lumos Energy

Lumos Energy acts as Clean Energy Advisor to the Nunatsiavut Government preparing and implementing an Energy Security Plan for the five remote, off-grid Inuit communities on the North Coast of Labrador. This involves maximizing the potential of energy conservation and efficiency, local bioenergy and renewable solar, hydro and wind power, reducing diesel reliance and supporting local economic development.