Lumos Energy ‘Value Keys’ & Services

Lumos Energy seeks to accelerate the speed of development of clean energy and ventures, and optimize value for Aboriginal communities, partners and investors.  This is accomplished through applying a set of ‘Value Keys’ in projects.  These ‘Value Keys’ represent mechanisms/tools developed by Lumos which facilitate planning, investment and technology decisions in clean energy projects.   These include:

  • A management framework for clean energy project acceleration
  • An investment/revenue-oriented economic model
  • Project updates and performance reports
  • Identification and quantification of environmental and other project ‘intangibles’
  • A project revenue optimization assessment

Core Clean Energy Services

Acting on these 'Value Keys', Lumos Energy offers a set of 'Core Clean Energy Services' to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities and organizations.  The chart below describes these services and highlights related Lumos project experience.

Lumos Core Services Service Elements Project Experience

Indigenous Leadership Capacity-Building

  • Aboriginal Authority Workshops
  • 20//20 Catalysts Program
  • Clean Energy Forums
In 2016, Lumos kicks off the unique 20/20 Catalysts Program for indigenous peoples

Energy Systems Planning & Implementation Strategies

  • Region/Community Planning
  • Stakeholder/Partner Engagement
  • Implementation Strategies
Since the mid-1990’s Lumos Energy has conducted sustainable energy plans for indigenous communities

Project Partnership Establishment: Aboriginal

  • Partnership Negotiations
  • Clean Energy Agreements
  • Partnership Structuring
Lumos has prototype Aboriginal Clean Energy Partnerships for application to diverse projects

Community Engagement & Clean Energy Literacy

  • Consultations Processes
  • Clean Energy Forums
  • Clean Energy Web Tools
Lumos Energy has prepared an Aboriginal Clean Energy Primer: a clean partnering guide

Project Development: Technical, Technology & Financing

  • Project Development Plans
  • Regulatory/Policy Interface
  • Capital Costing/Estimation
Having helped to develop multiple projects, Lumos has pioneered innovative planning tools

Clean Energy Benefits Identification & Quantification

  • Benefits Measurement
  • Benefits/Project Integration
  • Business Case Preparation
For off-grid projects, Lumos utilizes a “Starburst” Benefits framework that deliver results

Aboriginal Jobs and Enterprises Planning & Promotion

  • Aboriginal Jobs Specification
  • Procurement Protocols
  • Training & Skills
Lumos has conducted a major study on Aboriginal Skills/Training for Canadian Electricity Association

Project Business Modeling & Financing

  • Financial Pro Formas
  • Project Economic Models
  • Risk & ROI Analyses
Remote & Northern Sustainable Energy Assessment (RANSEA) Model is state of art planning tool

Project Structuring and Governance Systems

  • Aboriginal Project Leadership
  • Finance-Targeted Structuring
  • Grant/Debt/Equity Mechanisms
Lumos has led the closing of major project financings of grant/debt/equity components

Long-Term Economic Planning Through Clean Energy

  • Clean Energy Ec. Dev. Planning
  • Establishing Energy Trusts
  • Clean Energy Enterprises
Lumos Energy has legal and financial prototypes for project implementation

Aboriginal Project Benefits Realization

  • Community Reporting
  • Project Financial Reporting
  • Trust Reporting
Lumos’ support over the project life cycle to help realize social and economic benefits