Leadership Team and Partners

The Lumos Energy Team is lean yet powerful.

Our multi-functional team consists of: 

  • Core Team consisting of Chris Henderson, President, Eryn Stewart, Project Manager, and Ian Scholten, Project Manager. Learn more...
  • Support Team including several contract and short-term staff that are brought on board for specific projects and assignments.
  • Technical Team which has in-depth experience in various clean energy platforms such as hydro, wind, solar, and biomass energy, and project development and operations.
  • Affiliated Team includes several partner companies, notably The Delphi Group which has offices across Canada in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver

This team structure ensures that Lumos does not operate as a consulting firm with overhead requiring on-going support.  Rather, the company can look to the long-term, working with Aboriginal communities on clean energy projects.  The emphasis is on aligning the interests of Aboriginal communities with Lumos’ services structure: all of which drives towards constructing and completing clean energy projects.

The Lumos Team possess strengths in Five Key Areas:

  1. Renewable Energy Technology Competency
  2. Clean Energy Project Development and Management
  3. Partnership Negotiations and Relationships
  4. Financial Analysis and Sourcing Project Debt/Equity Investment
  5. Appreciation of Indigenous Cultures and Traditions

The Lumos Energy teams are highly competent and experienced, and also proactive, positive and progressive.

The Core Team

ChrisChristopher Henderson, President

Chris Henderson is Canada’s pre-eminent Clean Energy Advisor to Aboriginal communities. He advises Chiefs and Councils, Tribal Groups and Aboriginal Economic Development Corporations on how to effectively secure and leverage partnership positions in clean energy projects across Canada. Chris also guides utilities, financial firms, corporations and governments on engaging and partnering with Aboriginal communities. Chris has catalyzed clean energy projects in every Canadian province and territory. His book, Aboriginal Power, was published in 2013.

Chris' professional pursuit with Lumos Energy represents an explicit recognition that the world is changing: bringing Indigenous communities into the mainstream of economic activity, from a vantage point of sustainable development, has the potential to generate a diverse array of economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders

Chris is Program Director and Lead Mentor with the Indigenous Clean Energy: 20/20 Catalysts Program, a major Lumos initiative strengthening First Nations, Metis and Inuit clean energy Community Readiness, Community Capacity and Leadership Skills.

For the past 25 years, Chris has been a Canadian eco-entrepreneur, community leader, and environmental innovator. He has been at the forefront of ground-breaking local and national Canadian business, social, and ecological initiatives that have had local and global impact. Prior to leading Lumos Energy, Chris was Co-Founder and CEO of The Delphi Group. Currently, Chris also serves as: Board Chair of the Globe Series of Conferences; Member of the Editorial Board of the Energy Exchange Magazine; Managing Director of the EXCEL Partnership; and, Ambassador for the Arctic Inspiration Prize.

Chris lives in Ottawa with his family, where he is active with local environmental, renewable energy, and affordable housing causes.

Chris is an honorary member of several Aboriginal communities. In Inuktitut he is called “Tall Chris”, and has been given the names "Lightning" and "Point of the Spear" by Prairie Cree Nations. The most fitting of his Aboriginal names may be the one given to him by the Boreal Ojibwe which translates as “On Indian Time”.

Eryn Stewart, Project Manager

Eryn Stewart is a Clean Energy Project Manager at Lumos Energy and has been a significant contributor for a number of clean energy projects across Canada. Eryn is also the Program Manager of the 20/20 Catalysts Program – an interactive and engaging clean energy program for Indigenous community representatives.

Eryn’s professional pursuit with Lumos Energy is to support Indigenous communities embarking on clean energy projects by providing them with the resources and support they need. Eryn strongly believes that Indigenous communities have been key drivers for clean energy in Canada, and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Still in the first stages of her career, Eryn Stewart already boasts an array of career accomplishments having worked at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Suncor Energy Inc, and the GLOBE Series – Canada’s largest conference dedicated to sustainable business. Eryn has also been a researcher for David McLaughlin, former President and CEO of the Roundtable on Environment, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) on their Conservation Fund, and music artist, Jack Johnson, on social and environmental marketing under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Lynes.

Ian Scholten, Project Manager

Ian Scholten brings extensive experience in facilitation, collaboration, and community engagement to his roles with Lumos Energy, which included Project Manager and Catalyst Coordinator. While working for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, he engaged citizens on some of Canada’s most important environmental issues. With MASS LBP, Ian contributed to some of the most ambitious engagement efforts in the country – bringing together community members to weigh in on important policy decisions. He has worked on projects ranging from major infrastructure issues to the first-ever national reference panel on Canada’s Mental Health Action Plan. Ian is a graduate of Knowledge Integration from the University of Waterloo.

DarrellBrown_Headshot_Cropped-1024x741Darrell Brown, Associate

Darrell Brown is a Cree entrepreneur and consultant based in Winnipeg. Over the past fifteen years he has built several successful businesses, and has worked as an advisor to a number of Indigenous organizations. Darrell is President of Kisik Commercial Furniture and Kisik Marketing & Communications Ltd. In addition to his business expertise in sales and operational management, Darrell has a superior understanding of Canadian Indigenous culture and rights. Darrell has extensive firsthand experience with the Canadian Federal Governments Aboriginal Procurement Strategy and has been active in strengthening the Aboriginal Procurement Initiative being implemented by the Province of Manitoba.  He is a strong advocate for Indigenous economic development with extensive experience in business negotiations and demonstrated ability in First Nations engagement.

Darrell is a founding member and past chair of the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce based in Manitoba. He holds an Advanced Diploma in International Business from Red River College in Manitoba and a Certificate of Indigenous Leadership, Governance and Management Excellence from the Banff Centre. Darrell also holds a certificate in the 20/20 Catalyst program focusing on the Indigenous Renewable Energy Sector. He is currently completing his designation for the Directors Education Program through The Institute for Corporate Directors. Darrell currently sits as Board of Director on the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Indigenous Relations Council with the United Way.

Cara Sanders, AssociateCara-Sanders-Headshot

Cara is a dedicated, hardworking individual with a vast experience in environmental projects and Federal and Provincial environmental assessments (EA), with responsibilities ranging from data collection to project management to report writing.  She combines an Undergraduate Degree in Geography, a Masters Degree in Spatial Analysis with a focus on environmental studies and Certified Engineering Technologist accreditation with over ten years of experience.  Cara participated in the inaugural 20/20 Program as a Catalyst in 2016, and is now looking to apply her expertise and experience to her work with Lumos Energy.