Corporate Social Responsibility

Lumos Energy’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments represent ethical values that are essential elements guiding the company’s clean energy support to Indigenous communities, the company’s business strategy and operations, and staff community-oriented involvements.

  • Honesty, Lumos staff shall be honest and truthful to Indigenous communities and peoples, and all other clean energy sector stakeholders.
  • Impact, Lumos’ clean energy project advice and support is directed towards achieving a positive social and economic impact on Indigenous communities.
  • Sustainability, Lumos staff are active sustainability leaders working to realize a 100% renewable energy vision for the Ottawa Region and for all of Canada. 
  • Environment, Lumos Energy seeks to leave a small footprint on the Planet through low non-renewable resource consumption, and purchase of carbon offsets for Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Collaboration, Lumos shall share clean energy information openly with others, particularly Aboriginal communities, actively collaborating for the future.
  • Community, Lumos staff lead local community efforts including ecological efforts like Tree Ottawa, and affordable housing for the homeless and disadvantaged.
  • Philanthropy, Lumos shall make corporate financial contributions ranging from local social needs to national environment initiatives, and globally to promote development and social justice.
  • Youth, Lumos and its staff shall support young Indigenous people seeking to forge futures and careers in the clean energy sector.